This comic presents an image of McDonald's mascot Ronald McDonald walking, holding a newspaper claiming that a "Low-fat diet won't prevent disease", quoting only a "study". This is a critique on the all-too-common practice among large corporations of using their own "scientists" to conduct heavily biased studies on their products. The figure of Ronald is exaggerated, with a massive unsettling grin on his face, with his speech bubble containing his logo. The persuasive elements used in this comic make the viewer feel unsettled and worried.

WT1 Reflection

My Written Task 1 came out less than perfect, and I wish I had put more effort into it. I had some problems identyifying the arguments and purposes of the texts in relation of one another. My arguments were all very similar, and I kind of jumped around quite a bit during the writing proccess. However, my paper does follow the basic structure of what is expected, it has an introduction and broad analysis of the texts, moving into arguments and then conclusion. My paper also had a good length, slightly above the average of my classmates, but not too long either. I hope to take what I learn from writing this written task and apply to all my future writing endeavours, but as for this paper, it was kind of a flop to be honest.

Bias in Journalism

Purpose: To criticize Bethesda’s choices as a game studio on the recent publishing of Fallout 76
Diction: Speaks as though the writer is acting as mouthpiece for all gamers and bethesda consumers, speaks for more people than himself
Pathos: References other games and growing trend of companies releasing unfinished games (For example, Elder Scrolls Online, No Man’s Sky)

Bias by Source: Polygon has a long history of making bad reviews of games for the purpose of getting views, that is supposed to provide an objective review of games. This, as well as other games being released, for example Red Dead Redemption 2, that are being received with unanimous praise, the industry needs something negative to talk about, resulting in a perfect storm for FO76
Bias through Word choice: “The unimaginative, chorelike events it foists, unwanted on its players, and a storyline in which it is literally imposs…

Gender in advertising

These two ads for boys and girls clothing differentiates in that the boy is wearing clothes that promote
learning, with an Albert Einstein shirt, and the heading saying ”The little scholar”. Meanwhile the young
girl is wearing less academic clothes and the heading reads “The social butterfly.”
My perception of gap did not change after this, they have been slammed for similar ad campaigns in
the past.  This ad implies that only boys can be scholarly, and that women are not interested in learning,
only in being social. I do not think this ad is okay, and this controversy could easily be fixed by just
having both of the children’s titles in the ads be scholarly. For example, just call the little’s girls look
“the bookworm” or some other nerdy phrase and it wouldn’t have been a problem. I doubt the makers of
the ads were purposefully trying to offend people, and whether or not they did it unconsciously is up for
debate, but how this ad actually reached people is astounding. No one saw thi…

What is Happiness?

I feel I am most happiest when I am alone in a public space, free to explore. One day I went into town to meet up with a friend but he was running late, so I bought some specialty doughnuts from the bakery and some weird flavored soda from the local market, and then walked down to the waterfront and ate my food on a bench. I didn't talk to anyone, I didn't do any activity or have any life-changing experience, but its one of my favorite memories in the 5 years I have lived here, purely by how calm and relaxing it was. In this high-paced hectic world, we rarely get solitary moments like that and we have to appreciate them when they come by.

I do not think that a national happiness index is a good idea. It can be harmful in many ways, and I think just having it can cause low-scoring countries to go even lower on the scale, just by knowing they aren't happy compared to the rest of the world. Since it is in place however, I do think we are doing a good job with what we have, ha…
The 2014 ad for Old Spice spray deodorant "Old Spice Sprayed a Man of my Son" is a perfect example of the usage of pathos in an advertisement. The ad shows a group of older women lamenting over the loss of their sons' innocence after using old spice and "becoming a man". The ad appeals to both young men and their mothers, with lines like, "Now he smells like a man, and they treat him like one." implying that the scent of old spice is equivalent to manhood. The young boys watching this ad, seeing the men wearing old spice spending time with girls and disobeying their mothers can send a sense of teenage rebellion that nearly all boys of that age crave.  The commercial is also very memorable due to its sheer ridiculousness, as proved by myself as well as many of my fellow classmates remembering it as well as the tune even though it was produced in 2014.
Some of the most memorable experiences in life are the ones …